Nanome Webinar Series

Psychedelics & Virtual Reality:

How VR aids GPCR drug discovery for a psychedelic biotech startup

Recorded November 17th, 2021

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How VR is helping a psychedelic biotech startup research GPCR receptors 

In this webinar Jackie von Salm, Cofounder and Chief Scientific Officer at Psilera, discusses why psychedelic research is so promising and share how Nanome's VR platform makes it easier for her to both collaborate with scientific teams and communicate with investors.

Psilera is a biotech startup at the forefront of psychedelic research -- Jackie and her team are applying natural psychoactive compounds to early stage drug discovery targeting addiction, neurodegenerative diseases, and mood disorders.

Jackie von Salm -- speaker at Nanome's webinar on virtual reality and psychedelics

Jackie von Salm, PhD

Cofounder and CSO at Psilera Bioscience
Daniel Gruffat will moderate the webinar

Daniel Gruffat

Lead Application Scientist at Nanome

Jackie von Salm uses Nanome's VR to show how future research could remove the hallucinatory effects of psychedelics while preserving their therapeutic benefits

Nanome and Psilera were recently featured in the Wall Street Journal: Virtual Reality Puts Drug Researchers Inside the Molecules They Study. This article describes how virtual reality speeds up drug discovery by revealing clues that are difficult to spot with traditional tools.

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What's covered?

 Why psychedelic research is so promising & what's on the horizon

  Overcoming the challenges of communicating scientific research to investors

  Easy ways to improve spatial awareness of chemists and the impact that brings to the lab

  How Psilera is using Nanome to filter compounds