Live Streaming Event

Revealing the new Nanome CryoEM plugin to target Prion Aggregates with Antibodies in XR

May 11th, 2023
Live Stream + Q&A at 10 am PST | 1 pm EST

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Steve McCloskey

CEO at Nanome
Jonathon Gast_sq (1)

Jonathon Gast, PhD

Senior Application Scientist at Nanome
martina headshot-1

Martina Maritan, PhD

Scientific Communication Lead at Nanome
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Explore the CryoEM plugin with us during the next LIVE STREAM of a Nanome session on YouTube. 
  • WHERE?

  • WHEN? May 11th, 10 am PT | 1 pm EST | 6 pm  GMT

  • WHAT: Explore Prion Aggregates CryoEM structures with Nanome

Join us for an exciting 25-minute live stream event as we reveal a brand new feature in Nanome's plugin arsenal: the CryoEM plugin.

Designed for scientists working in structure-based drug discovery, this plugin is set to help structural biologist explore their cryo-EM structures in Nanome. 

During this live stream, Nanome experts Jonathon Gast, Steve McCloskey, and Martina Maritan will showcase the CryoEM plugin and demonstrate how to leverage it while investigating an antibody-antigen complex between a Fab and a prion protein aggregate.

We'll show you how to smoothly navigate CryoEM maps in VR/MR, and provide insights on how this cutting-edge technology can help researchers better target prion aggregates with antibodies.

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